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Educational Therapy/Tutoring

Our educational specialists are highly trained in effective techniques specific to reading, writing, math, and study skills across all age groups and learning disabilities.

Executive Functioning Therapy/Tutoring:

Builds strategies to address executive functioning weaknesses either through working with a specialist individually or part of a group in our EF Boot Camp Program.

Psychotherapy Services
  •     Play Therapy for Children: Addresses social/ emotional concerns.
  •     Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Teaches skills for behavior change.
  •     Psychodynamic Therapy: Improves emotional self-awareness and self-esteem.
  •     Family Therapy: A means to identify and cope with issues that affect multiple family members.


Working with my tutor at Morrissey-Compton has helped me get better grades and fully understand what is being taught in my biology class. I meet with her once a week, and she always makes sure that I understand everything that I learn in class. We might review a topic that was taught in class, start studying for an upcoming test that I might have, or she might answer my questions on some concepts that I didn’t fully understand. I am now able to understand topics in my biology class that I know I wouldn’t have been able to understand on my own.

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I want to thank our tutors so much for helping my son with his academic struggles. He has learned so much and I’m very happy that he is getting better with math and has also become motivated to become a better reader. He really enjoys seeing his tutors and gets really excited! Thank you both so MUCH!

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I hope that in the future, children with similar learning problems as my son will benefit from these tutoring services, as it has helped him tremendously. Thank you, Morrissey-Compton Educational Center!

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English is our family’s second language, and our biggest concern was that our son would start middle school at a low level in writing and reading. But with help from his tutor, he has made remarkable progress, and now he is at the level where he needs to be. We are very grateful to our tutor for giving her time and energy to our son so that might improve, day-by-day, his writing and reading.

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I would like to thank our tutor for the excellent work she has done for my son. His has progressed in his reading and he feels more confident with his writing and reading.

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My son receives weekly tutoring at Morrissey-Compton and loves it! His tutor has given him confidence again. He enjoys each lesson learned and we have seen so much improvement in the classroom!

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Morrissey-Compton Educational Center has helped me and my family greatly. In my home, our first language is Spanish. I have two younger brothers who received scholarships for tutoring. Before they started getting help, they were falling behind in their schoolwork. Once they started getting help, after eight months I saw a tremendous improvement. I would like to really thank all the staff members for their hard work and dedication.