Diagnosis & Evaluation


Effective testing is not a rote procedure. In every case, creating a supportive atmosphere is essential to obtaining meaningful results. Any assessment must yield concrete recommendations and a guide for carrying them out. For these reasons, all of our assessment services are conducted by highly trained and experienced psychologists and educational specialists. Following each assessment, the diagnostician meets with the family or client to discuss the findings. The results and recommendations are then formalized in a detailed written report.

Psychoeducational Evaluations

A psychoeducational evaluation includes an educational evaluation as well as an assessment of intellectual functioning. This type of evaluation is typically used to assess for a learning disability. Most commonly, a standardized IQ test is given to assess intellectual functioning, but our psychologists may administer other tests of cognitive ability depending on the areas of concern.

Extended Psychoeducational Evaluations

This type of evaluation is typically necessary when difficulty with learning, attention, concentration, and organization are the areas of concern. Often given in conjunction with a psychoeducational evaluation, a psychologist can assess for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and/or learning disorders through tests, interviews, and rating scales. Sometimes an ADHD evaluation is the only assessment a child or adult receives if attention is the only area of concern.

Psychological Evaluations

Sometimes a student’s educational problems are related to psychological issues such as anxiety or depression. Psychologists look at these issues through rating scales, an interview to understand the history of the concern, and specific tests designed to assess these issues.

Educational Evaluations

Educational testing measures an individual’s current level of academic skills such as reading, writing, and math. The assessment also includes an evaluation of specific abilities needed to acquire academic skills such as perception, memory, and discrimination. Educational evaluations are carried out by an educational specialist using a variety of standardized tests as well as some informal diagnostic procedures.

Intellectual Evaluations

An intellectual evaluation is conducted when an IQ test is required to update a student’s records, or for application to a school or program.


Morrissey/Compton is an AMAZING rare gem in the educational testing world. They are a very professional office with a kind and caring staff. We found them to be a wealth of information for our child. Both the testing and consultation helped us to better understand our child’s learning patterns and needs.

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This school referred us to Morrissey-Compton for an evaluation. We were worried because we didn’t have the money to pay for this service, but the school told us that Morrissey-Compton could offer financial aid for low income families like us, and thankfully we got accepted. Their evaluation showed that my daughter did not have a specific learning disability; rather, it showed some weaknesses in reading comprehension and math that were causing her anxiety. Tutoring was recommended to help her develop her skills in these areas, with the hope that the extra help would also lessen her anxiety. She has improved tremendously in school and has been able to keep up with the rest of her class. Every time that she attends her tutoring sessions, she always has a smile, eager to improve. Morrissey-Compton gave my daughter valuable learning techniques and gave our family the joy of seeing her succeed in school. We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to receive their help.

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Having Morrissey-Compton do a psychoeducational evaluation of my teenage son was one of the best, most empowering actions I have ever taken for my child. It has been a game changer! The detailed evaluation and the very positive feedback session provided my son and me with a clear understanding of his learning profile, and the language and tools to help him advocate for what he needs as he heads into high school. It has also given me, as the parent, a better understanding of the type of high school environment in which he is most likely to thrive! Historically, my son’s teachers have always been content with his work as he is quite bright (scoring well on standardized tests, etc.) and very compliant. But I was suspicious that there might be a learning difference present. Before the evaluation, I was unsure if my expectations for my son and his school were accurate, too high, low, or just different. I was hesitant to do testing as I was frightened by any potential label that might change his or anyone else’s opinion of him. The opposite has occurred-my son feels empowered and his confidence has grown, and he is delighted to know more about his learning style and what accommodations he needs to properly demonstrate his mastery of subjects. Thank you, Morrissey-Compton for providing this invaluable insight! Your process from start to finish was exceptional!