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2022 Summer Class Offerings (listed in age order)

Kindergarten Readiness

Ages: Incoming kinders
Schedule: Mon–Fri, 9:00am–12:00pm; July 25–Aug 5, 2022
Cost: $1,950
Kindergarten readiness is more than just knowing your ABCs and 123s. To become classroom ready, kids need to learn expected classroom behavior; practice following routines and managing transitions; become confident in their ability to solve problems; learn social and emotional skills for building school relationships; strengthen phonemic awareness and number sense; and develop skills related to reading, writing, and math. Sign up your incoming kindergartner for our two-week kindergarten readiness program where they can practice these skills in a small, supportive, and fun environment under the guidance of Ariel Marrero, a credentialed school psychologist, and Adria Flores, a literacy specialist and credentialed teacher. This program runs Monday through Friday for 3 hours for a total of 10 sessions.

Lindamood-Bell: Seeing Stars 1:1 Intensive

Ages: Kindergarten–2nd grade
Schedule: Mon–Fri, one-hour time slots between 9am–3pm, July 18-29, 2022
Cost: $1,500
It is clear that the pandemic greatly affected core reading development, especially for our youngest learners. Explicit instruction in these foundational skills will not only help students meet their reading potential, but also help boost their self esteem. The Seeing Stars program helps to strengthen phonemic awareness, word attack, word recognition, spelling, and contextual reading fluency. This is 1:1 Lindamood-Bell instruction tailored to your child’s level. It will take place for one hour each day, over a two-week period (10 hours in total).

Emotional Regulation, Impulse Control & Social Skills

Ages: Incoming 1st–2nd graders, ages 6-7
Schedule: June 7–Aug 23, 2022
Cost: $1,780
Kids learn to manage big feelings, build emotional vocabulary, and build skills to make and keep friends. Draws from Michelle Garcia-Winner’s social thinking and zone of regulation curriculum. Kids with ADHD or ASD often benefit, but neither diagnosis is a requirement to join.

Beginning Slingerland

Ages: Incoming 1st–2nd graders
Schedule: Mon-Fri, 10:00am–12:00noon, June 13–24, 2022
Cost: $1,800
If your child has been struggling with reading, spelling, writing and/or handwriting, Slingerland’s multisensory, structured, sequential, and simultaneous teaching approach can help to create the connections your child needs to succeed. This intensive, 20-hour summer course will provide a strong foundation with the Slingerland method and help maintain literacy skills typically lost in summer.

Intermediate Slingerland

Ages: Incoming 3rd–5th graders
Schedule: Mon-Fri, 1:00–3:00pm, June 20–July 1, 2022
Cost: $1,800
If your child has been struggling with reading, spelling, writing and/or handwriting, Slingerland’s multisensory, structured, sequential, and simultaneous teaching approach can help to create the connections your child needs to succeed. This intensive, 20-hour summer course will focus on reinforcing handwriting, decoding, comprehension, and encoding skills and help maintain literacy skills typically lost in summer.

Tell Your Story – Personal Narrative Writing Workshop

Ages: Incoming 3rd–5th graders
Schedule: Mon-Fri, 1:00–3:00pm, July 18–22, 2022
Cost: $650
Every child has a story to tell! In this one-week course, your child will have the opportunity to write and publish their own story. We will learn about gathering ideas; organizing our thoughts;creating a plan; using a story arc; adding descriptive details and dialogue; and writing, revising, and publishing our work. Your child will leave at the end of the week with a better understanding of narrative writing technique and their own published story!

Make Your Mark – Expository Writing Workshop

Ages: Incoming 3rd–5th graders
Schedule: Mon-Fri, 1:00–3:00pm, July 25–29, 2022
Cost: $650
In this one-week writing workshop, we will research topics of interest in the world around us and write expository articles to be published in our very own magazine! As we take our pieces through the writing process, we will learn about researching, note taking, planning, using graphic organizers, structuring paragraphs, and use of nonfiction author’s tools. Your child will  gain expertise in expository writing and take home a copy of the magazine that we create together.

Lit Chicks: Lunch & Literature Book Club

Ages: Girls entering 5th–7th grades
Schedule: Mon–Fri, 10:00am–12:00pm, June 27–July 1, 2022
Cost: $650
A recent Washington Post article titled “Does Reading Make You a Better Person?” concludes that the answer to the title question is “Yes!” Keep your child’s reading comprehension and written expression skills sharp this summer, all while they make new friends. Each session will include 90 minutes of direct instruction; collaborative discussion and writing activities; and be followed by 30 minutes of lunch and socialization. Students will have short reading assignments each day to complete for the following session.

5th Grade Math Review

Ages: Incoming 6th graders
Schedule: Mon–Fri, 10:00am–12:00noon, July 25-29, 2022
Cost: $550
The five-day workshop will focus on a thorough review of mathematical concepts explored at the 5th grade level to prepare students to successfully transition into middle school. The workshop will cover: operations and algebraic thinking; number and operations in base ten; estimation; percent; ratio; data analysis; common factors; patterns; positive and negative integers; statistics; angles; and congruent shapes.

Girl Drama

Ages: Incoming 6th–9th grade girls
Schedule: Mondays and Wednesdays, 2:00–3:00pm, July 11–Aug 3, 2022
Cost: $1,320
Does your teen/tween struggle with making and keeping friends? The 8-session “Girl Drama” group will cover a range of middle school social skills topics including reciprocal conversation, showing empathy, advocating for yourself, perspective taking, managing strong emotions, identifying feelings, and managing jealousy, betrayal, and gossip.

Dungeons and Dragons Social Skills

Ages: 12–13, all genders
Schedule: Mon–Fri, 9:00–10:30am  -OR- 1:00pm–2:30pm, June 13–24, 2022
Cost: $1,995
Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) is a tabletop role-playing game that has been played since its inception in the 1970s. The goal of the game is to collaboratively tell a story that everyone gets to contribute to–there’s no winning or losing. As the story progresses, players must work together to defeat monsters, solve puzzles, and find treasure, while the Game Master (GM) acts as a referee/moderator and sets the scene for the players. D&D naturally requires players to utilize problem-solving, social, creative, organizational, and emotion regulation skills. In a D&D social skills group, players have the opportunity to practice these skills and explore aspects of their identity in a safe, narrative-based setting. D&D therapy groups are also likely to increase therapy buy-in and engagement because they are fun and play-based! There is emerging evidence to suggest that D&D therapy groups can help children develop skills related to emotion regulation, perspective-taking, communication and collaboration, and executive functioning. If your 12–13 year-old child is imaginative, enjoys fantasy, or struggles with social skills, they may be a good fit for this group.

Growth Mindset for Self Esteem

Ages: High schoolers
Schedule: Mondays, 1:00–3:00pm, June 20–Aug 1, 2022 (will not meet on July 4)
Cost: $995
Low self esteem, low motivation, and perfectionism all stem from fear of making mistakes. Learning that all intelligence, knowledge, skills, and even characteristics can be developed is a powerful way to combat fear of failure. Growth mindset interventions have been shown to improve self-esteem; help individuals learn from their mistakes; reduce approval seeking; and increase willingness to try new things. In this group we will use art, games, and group discussion to learn about growth mindset and boost self-confidence.

Art Therapy Emotion Regulation Group

Ages: High schoolers, all genders
Schedule: Mondays, 4:30–6:00pm; June 20–Aug 15, 2022 (no group July 4th)
Cost: $1,780
Do you have a creative high school student who is sensitive, feels deeply, and struggles to manage their overwhelming emotions when faced with daily stressors? If so, then this expressive arts emotion regulation group may be a good fit for them. Expressive arts is a non-verbal form of self-expression that allows us to bypass the difficulties of putting feelings into words. This 8-week group will use art and creative expression to help teens develop an understanding of their strong emotions, learn healthy ways of coping with distress, and practice communicating their needs to others. During each session, teens will create a piece of artwork that connects to the emotion regulation skill featured during that week. Previous artistic ability or experience is not required. Teens only need an interest in art and an open mind!

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